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Approaching Over 400 Firehouse Sub Locations - Across The United States


Firehouse Subs – Beach & Hodge - Jacksonville, Florida

Bella Latte is a Spartanburg, South Carolina based drive-thru coffee with two locations currently open and another location in the planning phase for Boiling Springs, South Carolina. This is a very unique concept because even though it is a drive-thru the customer is still part of the experience. GPN has brought a unique design concept to each location and will continue to do so.

Silverbay Seafood Company - Simpsonville, SC




GPN Architecture, Inc. is a full service architectural firm located in Spartanburg, SC which provides fully engineered, signed and sealed construction documents for clients who require a quality product quickly, and at a competitive rate. Licensed in Forty Two states gives us the ability to assist our clients wherever they choose to locate.

GPN's commitment to customer service is evidenced by its long standing relationships. One such commitment is that with Firehouse Subs. GPN has been a part of their explosive growth providing fully engineered, signed and sealed construction documents for over 400 locations throughout the country.

We look forward to providing you and your company this same level of commitment wether you have 1 project or 100!!!

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